woodiness roof boarding
  • these roofing former commonly used woodiness roof boarding not fireproof difficult problem. Plywood, particieboard and beaverboard 3 person in, the intensity with plywood and bulk acid and alkaline resistant wood cost calculator stability are best, machine technical properties also excel particieboard and beaverboard, because this is used the widest. Horniness beaverboard has the advantage that need not use gum or uses gum less, but the serious problem that environmental

    pollution is beaverboard industry. anti-fungus wpc decking system Gold Coast The workmanship of particieboard most brief, the sources of energy is used up least, but need to use a large number of adhesive. Man-made board place uses raw material, outside needing to use log except plywood, come from for the most part cut and machine lave, and trail material (the diameter is in 8 centimeters the following) . Classics broken or cut piece, plastic outdoor planters box a record that after breaking

    again, makes, strip, acicular, graininess material is usable make at particieboard. Hub is made via be being used at beaverboard after fiber is detached. Can make lumber level ground for outdoor dance floor utilization rate more conventional so use means to raise 20 ~ 25% . 70 time begin to notice to use bark, wood chip to make man-made board raw material, but bark can be used in particieboard middle-level only, dosage cannot exceed 8% , can reduce product

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