For heavily decontaminated floors
  • For heavily decontaminated floors, the surface of the solid wood floor should be ground off and then repainted, but this method should be a last resort, as grinding will inevitably make the floor thinner. Oil wax solid wood floor: If the floor appears a large area of ​​stains,

    can be equipped with a dry soft polishing pad machine to be processed to maintain the same gloss, but must be painted light oil on the floor surface within 4 hours, After let the floor dry naturally for 16-24 hours. Dangshan County Guanzhuangba support the development of sheet metal farmers,

    Dangshan County Guanzhuangba town party committee and government actively guide farmers to get rich, encourage farmers to rely on the advantages of local forest resources to develop sheet metal processing industry, the town has 46 farmers Poplar wood processing,

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