provincial and ministerial projects
  • '100 Days Caring Action' · Raw wood antibacterial floor 'officially listed! This marks the first solid wood antibacterial floor Sichuan! Chint Wood became the first introduction of solid wood antibacterial flooring manufacturers.flower box for decks with lattice 'Zhengtai Pinusterial wood antibacterial floor' is a new technology product jointly developed by Chint Wood and the famous research institution of Southwest Jiaotong University.[url=]cheapest wooden fence panels singapore pools[/url] The product is through the successful development and application of the core technology 'zinc oxide whiskers (ZnOw) The project not only brings together dozens of well-known experts and scholars in the field of antibacterial research, but also

    won the support of a number of key national and provincial and ministerial projects such as '863' project of China, 'National Torch Plan' and 'National Key New Product Plan'.how to turn corners laying laminate flooring With its unique 'Triple Antibacterial Efficacy' and 'Three Characteristics of Use', 'CHINT Bio-Activated Wood Antibacterial Floor' has won the approval from the insiders and outsiders and has brought the floor anti-bacterial into a new field and stage. At the same time, 'Chint Health and Antibacterial Pinnacle floor,' the relevant technology, products won a number of national patents,[url=]plastic manufacturer in spain[/url] 9 first prize, the anti-bacterial test results reached 99.9%, anti-mildew effect of 0! Become the first

    batch of Chinese antimicrobial materials And products industry association antibacterial special logo certified one! At the same time, Chint Wood announced the immediate start now,porch design with wood 'Chittagong 100 days of love action.' Where in the Chint cosmetics store ordering and installation of 'Chint Health and Antibacterial Floor, Pinnacle Products', the sales price does not rise a point, according to the principle of voluntariness, only donated one yuan per square meter,[url=]how to build a floating decking on a balcony japan[/url] consumers can not only enjoy the solid wood antibacterial floor belt Come anytime, anywhere health care, you can also contribute a love. The donation will be donated by Chint Wood to Sichuan

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