log of major area
  • course of study, BC saves the log of major area to had stopped fell trees, the log stock of a lot of factories is very small, can maintain 1-2 week to control only, the harden of mowing near composite deck log futures price September. And because road closes,violent wind of all fronts of SPF of North America plank goes up is, fire alarm withdraws the account such as the instruction, factory of partial sawn timber still cannot start working.

    personage inside course of study thinks, discount composite garden planters fence although can let the increase production of plant put into high gear of other and normal operation, but the breach that supplies shortage cannot complete fill, supply the current situation to cannot be in short-term inside win improvement. If Lin Huo cannot be put out inside very short time, so rise in price the trend is final. If Lin Huo lasts a 1 month is longer outside concrete covering product even, that price

    goes to go up necessarily passageway, go up predict to be in 15-17% . The near future, the show that imports log market can be encircled can nod, especially teak. This week Guangdong in curved outdoor benches decoration piscine bead market, teak clinchs a deal all valence is 9900 yuan / stere, relatively rise last week 2000 yuan / stere left and right sides, and clinch a deal the volume also rises somewhat. Market businessman expresses, because new money

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