intention meticulously seriously
  • try to find out the real intention meticulously seriously regularly the platoon is checked. Step of the fire prevention in working next is very important also 1, the overhaul or roof shingles panel the dishcloth that do sanitation to use and combustible article should undertake in time reclaiming, processing, if be put aside at will,put below high temperature condition to produce fire extremely easily. 2, the article with dangerous tall

    sex wants to give according to safe 18 x 80 unfinished deck standard save and deposit, and want undertake check and clearing regularly, in order to break off igneous cause, undertake in time according to the requirement ventilated. 3, the electrical wiring to ageing, cable and the machine that produce fire, explosion likely should have safe examination on time, should change of equipment should change stoutly, composite deck cleaning cannot try to save a little but lose a

    lot, combustible article should be far from wire cable department. 4, the safety administration that strengthens pair of fire control establishment, perfect censorship of composite interlocking decking for sale care and maintenance of fire control establishment, itinerate, ensure fire control establishment is whole. 5, be opposite in time office area, device area, article stores the area begin the summer safety of special fire prevention is checked. 6,

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