more and more the processing
  • home of African country is afraid, they more and more the processing factory that is a hard job to home provides treatment raw material. Because southeast Asia reduces armor guard vs louisiana pacific veranda decking timber production and export, bring about international market lumber to rise in price, make African log exit has appeal more. Be in this year on June 27, CITES organization released the 47th to conclude a treaty square announcement, proposal revoke

    comes from Madagascar yellow labour cost for outdoor cladding wingceltis to belong to the commerce that belongs to plant species with persimmon to trade. This is meant, after January 2, 2017 again the Madagascar has production, pack, the wood that prepares retail trade will be restricted commerce, and or will continue very long period of time. In addition, african lumber supplied forestry code of the country to get build garden bench with wpc timber stricter execution, also brought

    about what lumber supplies to decrease. In Congo democracy republic, log quota system got strict execution, this brings about manufacturing business secondhand to will composite decking material wood decking pallet curium wood produces concentration be planted in the most welcome talent. South-American lumber market 3 big high grade lumber are shared to give producing area on the world- - South America, southeast Asia and Africa. South America focuses one of land as

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