blessing person signs
  • drop 0.23% . In 3 big markets, index of Shanghai blessing person signs up for 1086.09 a little bit, zhou Huan comparing drops 0.45% , drop a to lead; Guangdong fish bead ideas for a interlockbrick wall after therewith, exponential newspaper closes 1077.08 a little bit, drop 0.25% ; Newspaper of index of big southwest week receives Sichuan 921.04 a little bit, rise 0.24% . From each classification the index walks along situation situation to look, market of

    log of entrance of piscine bead interlocking plastic dog fencing market behaves this week Guangdong goodish, week index signs up for 1062.93 a little bit, zhou Huan comparing drops 0.51% , trade frontal annulus is compared cut 4.04% . Plant on behalf of material teak is behaved not beautiful, this week price index signs up for 1198.52 a little bit, zhou Huan comparing drops 1.67% , clinch a deal all valence is 10000 yuan / stere, outdoor decking tiles wholesale south africa clinch a deal quantity

    relatively cut last week 5.92% . Other material is planted take money according to rosewood of strange, Gan Ba, Africa not free, annulus of this week sales volume is compared cut plans for composite patio chairs 10.63% , 5.39% , 4.52% , clinch a deal valence is 3200 yuan / stere, 2600 yuan / stere, 3550 yuan / stere. Market personage analysis thinks, traditional sale is off-season ferment continuously, log market is handed in cast atmosphere to turn

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