special punish activity
  • circumstance of special punish activity reachs next jobs to arrange. From May 16 Suining county market superintends bureau and Lan Shan area to pledge inspect bureau is how much per foot for wooden stockade fence installed signed " memorandum of collaboration of punish of market of the plank that cross a province " since, bilateral height takes seriously, linkage begins man-made board special punish activity. Superintend through aggrandizement section, information is shared wait

    for measure, severe blow is white vinyl fence designs australia made make work and use fake plank, safeguard healthy, orderly Su Lu to cross order of province plank market. Superintendency bureau of Suining county market reported what begin inside area under administration to stick a face treatment, sale and use man-made board execute the law examination circumstance, right 22 sampling observation are unqualified the 5/4 in. x 4 in tongue and groove pine decking board relevant enterprise of man-made

    board investigates a case lawfully, 5 man-made board that will involve Lan Shan area produce a business, to Lan Shan bureau of area qualitative inspect was handed over "how to make a floating deck over brick floor deliver letter " . Bureau of qualitative inspect of Lan Shan area reported pair of area under administration flower board produces 36 domestic P2 moulding plane enterprise punish circumstance, produce the trade policy, imitation that does not have

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