Toilet waterproof
  • door more space-saving. In addition, the bathroom lines must be sealed waterproof and insulated, there are also sockets away from the water and add protective cover, the switch is arranged outside the bathroom. Under the sink, the toilet behind leaving a reserved socket, so after the installation of water heaters and smart toilet a lot easier.

    Bathroom construction there is a little can not be ignored, that is waterproof! Do not do waterproof or waterproof enough, then things will be more troublesome. Toilet waterproof, first of all to be leveling layer. Make the ground flat with cement mortar, and then do waterproofing. This will prevent water repellent coating due to uneven

    thickness or piercing waterproofing membrane caused by leakage. Then apply waterproof coating, in general, the shower area to be 180cm wall, other areas 50-120cm, but now generally 180cm. Moreover, the waterproof coating to be painted twice, the use of cross, vertical j combination of cross-coating method, this is done in order to

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