decoration before the selection
  • myself so good. Fourth, the curtains 1, the curtains are too light, and later found that the bright morning of the night could not sleep. 2, many owners in Huizhou decoration before the selection of curtains, but no purpose to browse the store samples, and then customize the curtains according to their liking. Curtains so selected are often difficult

    to reconcile with the overall decoration style at home. 3, the curtains are selected more expensive, too heavy, every time you take it to clean and then hung up, are very tiring. Or thin material is good, you can save a lot of money. 4, bamboo curtains soon deformed. Five, switch socket 1, decoration was completed only to find a place to

    put a dispenser, not installed sockets. 2, security of the two holes and three holes together with the socket, the distance is too small, can not use the socket at the same time did not have a good place, a lot of furniture to the block. 3, the sofa behind the switch should be ~ 4, each watching TV on the sofa to discuss who turned off the lights

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