rosewood diameter of Congo
  • Home Zhang harbor exemple, at present the left and right sides of 30cm of dye rosewood diameter of Congo of producing area of Home Zhang harbor signs up for 1.3-1.4 10 armor garage reviews thousand yuan / ton, take money slow, market merchandise on hand is enough. Market of other furniture lumber also is immersed in low ebb, young of rosewood of Guangdong market hedgehog, scabbard is at present ancient exterminate brazilwood (common calls Xiaoba

    the flower) , windmill wood (common wood plastic composite fence cost weighs leather ash) , brazilwood of didymous Gu Yi (common weighs Chen Guibao) wait for furniture lumber market to trade also very not ideal, appear on the market an off-season feature is very apparent. Face this one situation, lumber businessman also can await only. At present Guangdong market Xiaoba spends the price to sign up for 4700-4800 yuan / ton, pvc composite for balconies 4500-6800 of Nigeria hedgehog

    rosewood yuan / ton, chen Guibao signs up for 4200-4500 yuan / ton; Leather ash signs up for 4700-4800 yuan / ton; Black yellow wingceltis signs up for East Africa panel hollow door construction 4500-6500 yuan / ton. Smooth. Respect of producing area message, as we have learned, june, african lumber market does not have any reports that about curiuming wood or lumber price change, predict this kind of circumstance will last to the 3rd quarter. The

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