increase the heat insulation
  • features: straight ceiling similar to the top line, but the corner line narrower, thinner, while the width of the linear ceiling more than 30-45 cm between the thickness of more than 8-12 cm. For the room: 2.6 meters high, living room, bedroom and other areas can be hanging, suitable for square houses. Suitable style: modern simplicity 2. Diego

    Ceiling visual features: the number of floors in more than 2 floors. Applicable to the room: used for more central air-conditioning units, because the central air-conditioning more than the thickness of about 35 cm, overlapping ceiling to increase the level of flu, higher requirements for the room, the general requirements to be more than 2.7

    meters. For style: modern minimalist 3 flat ceiling visual characteristics: equivalent to the top plus a flat, usually inside the auxiliary light source. Applicable rooms: generally only for the lobby, restaurants and other smaller area. In order to increase the heat insulation, will also be used in the top flat ceiling. If you use more area, it is

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