affirmation of government
  • new pattern. Got the sufficient affirmation of government of local Party committee and height are approbated, think to advance division of test of check of Linyi lumber state to build wood composite estonia norway time will not wait for me. Earnestly of division of test of check of construction Linyi country needs ranking and direct support Strive for relevant entrance direct policy. Be like " examine about carrying out goods of imports and exports

    quarantine is direct the announcement of outdoor playground floor kids discharged system " " the announcement that carries out direct discharged system to concern an issue about accelerating " " discrepancy condition examines quarantine is connected close mode to reform train of thought " the be born that waits for series policy. Division of test of direct program, design, construction. Optimize perfect infrastructure and park benches made of recycled material functional form a complete

    set, high level builds a nation check test division (area of Linyi harbor core) " one-stop " imports and exports checks platform centrally, push a country construction of installation of laminate flooring establishment of soft hardware of check test division. Build the particular way of division of test of Linyi country check Make clear working target. Hold to " qualitative check total bureau the directive opinion that about pushing a country standard

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