installation of wallboard
  • good? First, the integrated quick installation of wallboard installation easier and faster: Integrated Quickwall: Master directly in the blank wall and the roof to install the whole house ceiling and integrated wall can be fast and convenient; conventional residential more than 20 days to finish loading Traditional decoration: bricklayer

    smoothing, putty glue, base film covering, facing paste; brick mason workers woodworking painter, easy buckle disputes push the responsibility; Complicated process for a long time, conventional residential decoration for more than 5 months; period to run a lot of places to buy materials, laborious; material trap many, very hard to detect;

    Second, the integration of fast wall panels more integrated thermal insulation energy saving: Board: Integrated wall insulation, than the average temperature difference between indoor seven degrees; compared to paint room indoor temperature difference of 10 degrees. Traditional thermal insulation: no insulation, more need to add

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