low competition circulating
  • is extinct in low competition circulating fund, or reopen rises in price mode! o comb wooden industry industry Cheng of 5 single-page calendar, industry of summary lightweight external wall panel timber industry 5 years of experience, reveal wooden industry industry 5 years to accomplish, the 19 big victories that welcome a party are held, website of Chinese timber industry · every day wooden industry medium is rolled out ceremoniously " 5

    years when act vigorously of plastic decking for pools encourage of wooden industry person enters " large theme report, greet to the industry with this, for the 19 great present a gift of the party! Guiyang city lumber is current domain administration executes the law effect is distinct Since this year, the administration that Guiyang city increases current to lumber field continuously executes the law picnic table out of composite desking strength, severe check carry without card wait

    for illegal behavior. Up to on June 30, guiyang city is investigated in all transport timber 6 cases without card, put on record investigates and deal with sb 6 cases, balconies deck products materials rise compared to the same period 50% ; Confiscate violate carriage lumber 154.4639 stere, rise compared to the same period 26.72% ; Punish do not have processing of lumber appraise at the current rate to add up to one hundred and seventeen thousand four

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