For the floor business
  • development of the dealer. Dealers to choose the first floor brand should fully consider and avoid the risk of running a new brand, thinking about how to make money before the first 'no loss'fencing ideas for privacy is a wise choice for dealer success. Floor distributors, often impressed by a bright future and neglected the risks, are the most vulnerable. At present, the exhibition has become the most direct and effective platform for flooring enterprises to invest,[url=]specification for decking in australia[/url] display their strength, shape their brand image, gather valuable market information and select their brands. However, two or three years ago, the show was unfamiliar to many floor distributors and did not realize its

    importance to its own survival and development. At that time, most dealers choose the brand, usually through the introduction of 'home' business personnel, this 'shop and other door-to-door'sling patio furniture approach to business, resulting in dealer market information is not working, the brand choice is small, it is difficult to choose to high quality Brand. This is not mature enough with the industry at that time, not enough norms have a certain[url=]best outdoor mats for composite decking[/url] relationship. In 2012, the downturn in the real estate market and the continued weakness in export markets pushed down the demand for the home improvement market, making the flooring market more difficult than in previous years.

    For the floor business,floating deck over wood slab this year may not be a good year for good weather. Market downturn will speed up the flooring industry 'shuffle' pace. And every time the industry 'reshuffle', there will be many weak floor companies are eliminated, but also a number of strong business rise,[url=]decorative metal inserts for deck panels[/url] the formation of a new market structure. Flooring industry from the import period to the growth period, to maturity, in each stage of development of the market, 'the rules of the game' are different, flooring companies and floor distributors to develop market planning, business model and marketing model is not the same. At present, the flooring market is increasingly

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