training the correct part of back from the body
  • When you use too much weight, your range of motion (ROM) is likely to decrease at both ends of the movement, especially during contractions. When pulling the load, bring your elbows as far back as possible to get the full ROM. If you are difficult to do so, you may need to reduce the burden.
    5. Lean Forward / Excessive Back Over the Pull-Down / Cable-Row Movement
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    This includes fraudulent movements that are not uncommon. But, you must be careful because cheating back movement can affect the spine. In addition, too leaning also creates momentum by including the lower back, reducing the stimulus to the target muscles.

    Limit the leanings forward and backward when pulling down, seated cable row, and bent-over row, especially at the beginning of the set. Leaning up to 10 degrees is still acceptable. Moreover, it is the erector spinae that will hit and make it tire more quickly.
    6. Turn Your Head To Look Mirror During Movement

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    Turning your neck to see yourself in the mirror during a movement like bent-over row can disrupt the spine arrangement. Your hand grasps the heavy load that is passed through the shoulders and lat towards the spine. When your neck is in the wrong position, the injury can lurk.
    7. Train The Right Biseps Before Your Back

    Like practicing triceps before the chest muscles, the same goes for the biceps and back. Biceps are the prime mover during back movement. When they are exhausted, you will be hard to rely on when the back movements so that the back bear the burden heavier.

    Train your biceps after your back so you can reduce the fatigue of biceps that can limit the development of your back muscles during exercise.

    Well, that's a number of things that should be avoided when training the back. Congratulations!

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