administer establishment
  • place " messy corrupt " inside list, but still producing, administer establishment without environmental protection formalities and pollution, waste gas is discharged continuously. decking planter area balcony Same day, superintend and director checks group of discovery when to Beijing lake of station of the district that tell a state presses down Rong Guanyou of Beijing of Xu village village to help spot of limited company of new-style building

    materials check, lock of this factory gate, marine grade composite flooring price sale uk doorway paste " the company already removed " annunciate. After superintend and director checks personnel to enter plant area, discover this company is being produced, without environmental protection formalities, marble cut, workshop section sticking gum did not install pollution to administer establishment, dust is discharged without the organization serious, outdoor non distorting fence cost waste gas is

    discharged continuously. Also be this a day, superintend and director checks the group is right the discovery when bridge of grand of crow of county of cropland of jade of city of hill wall board paneling in korea of Heibei province the Tang Dynasty presses down jade abundant Electromechanical to make limited company spot check: This enterprise is not having environmental protection formalities in production. straight platoon. Environmental

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