will say that their laminate floor
  • In a building materials city, there are not less than 50 flooring business. About two-thirds of them hit the "geothermal floor" logo. Most companies that do not have a logo will say that their laminate floor can be used for geothermal purposes. The author also noticed that there is no special label for "geothermal floor".

    on the exhibits and it is also hard to find the leaflets on the product's promotional pages. "Our floors are nearly a decade old and have never been marked, and few consumers have asked about it," a well-known floor salesperson told me. In fact,

    the floor to adapt to changes in the seasons and maintain a smooth formation is not easy, let alone to withstand long-term geothermal temperature, therefore, the geothermal floor must be dedicated, and through the geothermal test floor experts. Such as the current market Tiange Shuangling solid wood flooring,

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