bring city faces
  • industry, 2012 - 2017, these 5 years since, market town of the 6 leaves that bring city faces the Anhui province gross small, structure the problem that force of innovation of composite and non reinforced steps stairs decking small, lack and capital are not worth dimensions of onefold, enterprise, span greatly to promote lumber industry further, big promotion, this town is versed in appoint, canal appoint decisive start shooting lumber industry transition upgrades

    battle of assault fortified positions, buy upvc wall panel tiles in bahrain made clear industry of foliaceous part lumber to wait for direction quickly to wooden floor, furniture rapid face about, put forward to be Xie Ji building " the city of mid furniture of base of production of the countryside of Chinese building pattern plate, man-made board, China " grand target. A few enterprises also were on the road that transition upgrades in composite deck floor india succession, catenary

    of industry of foliaceous part lumber is progressively and outspread. These 5 years, to accelerate a service the system is built, xie Ji has done town of provincial and professional wpc patio flooring tile in uk group, brand to change base of construction base, high grade plank to found the job mainly, drive an industry to take the way that the brand changes; Association of industry of the 6 lumber that bring city established in Xieji; Built the Anhui

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