smoothness is not enough
  • dust, etc., during the renovation inspection, the cleanliness of the ceiling also need to be checked. Generally need to check the surface of the ceiling cleanliness, suspended ceiling position for debris, or construction waste left behind. Hypnotize the ceiling reflective high enough to check the ceiling installation, some owners will tangle ceiling

    plate surface smoothness is not enough, the overall aesthetic impact, I hope the master and then polished, in fact, this idea is a big mistake when the ceiling acceptance . Integrated ceiling products are good, but in the purchase, we must polish eyes, be careful into the trap of bad business.It can be said that the current trend of decoration

    industry decoration, its concept is not the traditional one-stop decoration services. But on the basis of the formation of the overall, integrated whole-house decoration. The basis for this decoration is the integration of the wall. The pronoun of this decoration is fashion, environmental protection and health. Thanks to the exquisite workmanship,

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