producing area on blessing
  • at present the producing area on blessing person market quotes for Burmese big fruit rosewood in 14500-20000 yuan / or so tons. Hedgehog rosewood, broad Xie Huangtan External decorative plates wholesale and cling to in the breed such as yellow wingceltis clinchs a deal this month the quantity increases somewhat, among them hedgehog rosewood clinchs a deal quantity than increased June 37% the left and right sides, go up opposite taller, on the whole

    prices respect is carried esterno paving best price somewhat brace up. Broad Xie Huangtan clinchs a deal this month quantity than increased June 31% the left and right sides, clinch a deal valence respect, at present broad Xie Huangtan quotes on blessing person market in 11000-14000 yuan / or so tons. 3, floor preform market: Assembly hands in a quantity to glide, overall prices somewhat be issued to lower 1x6 tongue and groove pine boards levels From the point of market respect,

    enter floor preform market is overall since July prices than glided somewhat June, main show is carried for respect of major variety price brace up faint, and market maxwells diy wall cladding assembly pays an amount than glided somewhat June. The analysis thinks, floor preform market is in small part all the time since respect of major variety price is long-term smooth phase, below the circumstance that market shipment fails to increase

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