With the limit pass, steel long search for the end of the road
  • After the Ching Ming holiday, the market still has a different rate of decline, but the good news is that although the spot market slump, but the futures market has been very popular, but the current pattern of oversupply has not fundamentally changed, although the bullish bearish factors, The price is still not a breakthrough performance. Striking on "strip steel", environmental protection will be strictly enforced law enforcement, the purpose is to go to production, but the high profitability of steel mills to reduce production, determine the supply and demand is the relationship between output, rather than capacity, so the supply and demand is difficult to improve.Bobina 202 Del Acero Inoxidable Decorativo Del Precio De Fábrica

    This is also the futures rose today and the spot down, up and down ups and downs, the market chaos rhythm, downstream users wait and see attitude, buying will is not high. After the holiday demand has given heavy volume, but the stock is still running high, so I think the market outlook is still fearful of a breakthrough in performance is expected tomorrow, the domestic steel price is still dominated by shocks and weaknesses. The prices in the leading regions maintained the downtrend in the multi-year period and continued to weaken. However, prices in some areas were still driven by the slump of billet during the holiday season, resulting in a stronger operation.the productss made of stainless steel

    However, from the market reaction point of view, the downstream follow-up efforts are relatively scarce, and the digestion of resources is still obviously weak. Some species appear in the disk several times the price of the operation. The soaring billet did not form a large area of ​​today's spot market stimulus.Galvanized l angle iron 75*8 for Australia market

    From the current steel market performance, the digestion of resources should be said that the relatively weak, especially the Department of plate products, the current price difference between the long products and sheet metal market further widened, and in this wave of market, the Department of the overall fall , In the relatively short period of time is still facing the difficult situation of digestion more difficult.Superficie Brillante De Acero Inoxidable 316L

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