the flooring industry
  • advocate the consumption of its own people instead of spending it abroad so that overseas brands can make profits. For this, unknown to other industries, but the flooring industry is relatively good! Although there are references, but has always been fully autonomous, is 'made in China' rather than 'Made in China.' Point convinced. National

    advocacy to improve their own brand awareness, nurture and develop their own brands, consumer self-branded products, enhance their own brand protection, which undoubtedly encourages the development of emerging brands at the same time, well-known old brand, more is a tonic, not happy people! Floor, is one of the more! 20

    years of development can not make people remember! Wood flooring industry originated in the early 1990s, Auman floor with many first-tier brands, began at that juncture have appeared. Was the upsurge of wood flooring industry was the first pioneer. Auman flooring company has been adhering to the 'integrity is greater than the sky,' the

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