suffer lumber to import
  • first half of the year, suffer lumber to import stocks little, domestic building is affected with the element such as lumber market get warm again after a cold spell,interlocking wood plastic boards 2 the entrance maintains even port lumber rise situation continuously. First half of the year, 2 the entrance maintains even port pulp rise situation continuously,

    was not imported the influence waterproof wood beams with large cardinal number 2016 by pulp. According to statistic, 1-6 month, volume of import of pulp accumulative total and money worth are three hundred and eleven thousand two hundred tons respectively, 1.26 billion yuan, buy materials to build a wooden fence at 84 lumbers grow 15.81% respectively compared to the same period, 31.9% .

    The main reason that analyses pulp to import growth has 3. It is pulp of our city entrance main sale comes and other places of Heibei, Xiamen, from the 2 advantages that out door kitchen with reclaimed items have even port import haul distance weak point; 2 it is domestic paper tastes market demand get warm again after a cold spell, pull move demand of upriver raw material to rise;

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