series of imported flooring
  • Choose a favorite durable floor, we build nest is a crucial step. To recommend for everyone today is Bao Diya vitality series of imported flooring, it is drawn from the spruce in the arctic Europe Alps, simple fashion, no glue installation, good moisture resistance, more suitable for geothermal environment. 【Product Archive】 Reviews

    Brand: Bimei Floor Product Series: Bao Di Ya Vitality Series Floor Product Category: Laminate Flooring Specifications: 1261 * 190.5 * 9mm This Po Di Ya vitality floor unique color, light white and warm sensual surface is pleasing to the eye , No rules of natural wood grain texture of European fashion show up in front of us. Although it is

    to strengthen the floor, but the floor surface texture is clear, bumpy and visible, three-dimensional full. Its pure color, youth and vitality, elegant and not publicized. It is worth mentioning that this floor thickness of only 9mm, light and simple. It is based on 100% Rayon wood fiber, under high temperature and pressure, after the fusion of

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