the member that contraband
  • to escape police line eye, the member that contraband a person uses car carry wood. Saisenao of minister of Kampuchea environmental protection was celebrated in wood fencing 8 ft high national environment day on June 5 express on the activity, the government has prohibited in the round lumber exit, investigate especially, shut all passageways to lumber of the smuggling between Vietnam.

    Chinese circumjacent country 2x6 composite wood fence board wholesale already prohibited in the round lumber exit
    Stop lumber export in the round to achieve, the government already gave orders to block the passageway of all lumber outflow, it is the passageway that leads to Vietnam covering a chain link fence with wood especially.

    A lot of people are likely to CITES appendix the firm rate of control of 2 species commerce does not have a concept, can consulting so is CITES appendix likewise the abrasion resistance pool deck and fencewhite sandalwood rosewood of 2 (flocculus rosewood) :

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