floor installation technology
  • installation: clean up the floor installation technology, so that no dust under the floor, floor installation is completed, up to install the production of waste uniform packing, unified recycling. Dustless and dust-free installation effectively reduces the spread of dust and gravel on the construction site, avoids scratching the floor, effectively prevents

    secondary pollution to the renovated room, enhances work efficiency and reduces loss, and protects the customer's pre-indoor decoration effect . Up to the floor dust-free installation technology At present, the up to the brand laminate flooring has developed into a 'jade carving Jin Zhen mute, Liangmu Sunshine, Jiamu Jade Embroidery, Jade

    Charm, Shuimu Tsinghua, Yushu essence, the wood age, fashion Original tree and inlaid time 'and other 10 major series of products, a total of more than 100 paragraph color. Shengda brand laminate flooring has the advantages of wear resistance, flame retardant, moisture proof, antistatic, non-slip, pressure resistance, clean texture,

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