floor full of light
  • floor. After the floor is blistered, the floor volume increases, causing the arch, this problem is often caused due to improper handling, and its responsibility should be responsible for the water leak side. Second, the laying of wooden flooring is too tight If the laying of the dry season, the trough shoot too tight, when the ambient humidity

    increases, the floor with the ambient humidity increased swelling, the floor tightly assembled together can not be extended, only upward expansion , Causing the arch. To this end the responsibility of the laying of construction workers. Third, the floor moisture content is too low In addition, there is a possibility that the wooden floor moisture

    content is too low, the wooden floor is too dry, once the damp water absorption caused by the deformation arch. For large manufacturers or well-known manufacturers of products, there will be little less than the phenomenon of failure indicators. This responsibility should be borne by the floor manufacturer. Many companies nowadays attach

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