the floor decoration materials
  • temperature, but the color of the visual cause people to feel warm and cold association. Warm color, bright color and so have to expand, sense of expansion, cool, low-light color, etc. were significant, shrinking feeling. Therefore, the dark floor is more suitable for larger rooms to reduce the sense of openness. But with the dark floor

    matching furniture do not choose dark, and if two similar colors together easily reduce the level of space. Compared with the dark floor to take the wood color or white furniture, the formation of the contrast effect allows more levels of space. What are the floor decoration materials, this is still a good answer, for example, ceramic tile,

    wood flooring, the two are now most of the family floor decoration most commonly used in the ground decoration materials, in addition to specifically for the ground Renovated paint, such as horizon paint, as well as stone, such as marble and granite, there are less plastic floor used. What are the floor decoration materials finished, and

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