rectified and reform instantly
  • close to stop or be rectified and reform instantly to experience thing enterprise, undertake check and detecting further, once check solid, will undertake to relevant eco tile fire resistent enterprise and personnel case is handled supporting lawfully. Want draw inferences about other cases from one instance at the same time,

    undertake be checkinged greatly be rectifyinged and reform greatly inside entire county limits, ensure the environment is superintended do not take dead space, install composite decking over wood decking the environment executes the law from Yan Congshi.
    Tung countryside ensures solid useless standard is deposited

    On August 13, tung country movable pool floor singapore city receives group of superintend of central the 2nd environmental protection to hand in those who do complain a letter to visit, the behavior that open air of many papermaking mud piles up exists inside plant area of limited company of science and technology of environmental protection of the rising sun of village of bridge of tall fort of town of installing composite decking over flat roof reflective black town, influence periphery dweller is healthy.

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