the paved floor
  • Therefore, laying the floor in this project, we must be confident enough to understand its laying method. Keel laying instructions: 1, wood keel not dampproof treatment: the construction is usually selected pine sawing planing non-drying keel, about 30 days in advance fixed to the ground, ground and keel is not laid between the moisture barrier.

    To the paved floor, do not check the keel moisture directly on the laying. In fact, when the moisture content of the keel is usually about 25%, while the water content of qualified wood flooring is generally about 12-17%, the humidity difference over the General Assembly to quickly absorb the moisture of the wooden floor, causing the floor

    arching and accompanied by paint burst phenomenon . 2, wooden keel fixed with iron nails: Construction with wedges and nails fixed way, will result in wedges and nails contact surface is too small to make nail strength is not enough, can easily lead to wooden keel loose, stampede floor When there will be noise. 3, loose or too loose

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