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  • Deer, Reggae, Kentucky, Xinxiang and other brands are familiar to consumers, but most of them except the Holy Elephant, most do not have the ability to launch a nationwide counterattack .fence post anchors vinyl For example, the new floor mainly operates soundly in the west while the other provinces mainly install the project. Although there are national outlets in the upscale floors, as the number one brand in the national industry, [url=http://goodfloorings.com/flooring/2587.html]10 foot decks planks to build fence[/url]it still seems unmanageable, since there are not many people who claim to be national industrial brands. Dear in the northeast, North China quite good record, Kente Asia, Reggae swept the south, but all this has always been unable to completely stop

    the pace of foreign brands make progress.18 x 80 inch hollow core flooring products It can be said that in the technical equipment, marketing strategy, team quality, advertising investment and many other aspects of foreign-funded enterprises have obvious advantages, its early strategy is also trying to local enterprises in a certain area of ​​?? compression in a certain region or provinces, so that Can not form a national counterweight situation. Sichuan 'three elephant' Dingli in Sichuan wood flooring market, consumers have three common 'elephant.' In the 'two images' of the local community,[url=http://wooddeck-kit.com/wall-panel/6391.html]composite pallets projects[/url] Kyrgyzstan is under the control of Kadavi Group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises. However, the

    production base is located in Leshan. In fact, it is a real 'foreign Like '. Then, the pure Sichuan enterprises only new image, the new image is transformed by large state-owned enterprises, reflective composite deckingas the earliest western region invested heavily in the production of laminate flooring manufacturers. Successful operation of the Holy Elephant in Sichuan, the domestic first-class enterprise management and marketing experience has done a promotion and application, played an exemplary role; Kyrgyzstan in the past to export-oriented, in recent years started to seize the domestic market, [url=http://floormatscheap.com/cheap-floor/1208.html]synthetic wood deck price ph[/url]Sichuan as the front door, the marketing Intensity will never be small, and as the

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