goods slants close
  • Gong Mei rares supply of goods slants close, rise in price. The businessman points out, before sufferring the influence of African monsoon, the production of African place ruff stuff luan wall paneling red rose is supplied not quite seasonable, bring about new money of home market red rose to enter city suffocate suffocate, the market is highlighted for needing much contradiction less, in addition because Gabon and other places prohibits,log is exported,

    turn and instead plank exit, composite wood gazebo the stock cost of red rose is pulled accordingly litre, the price of domestic terminal market also go up gradually raise. Guangdong market red rose is at present long 2, 4m, thick 5cm, class A quotes 6500, 7000 yuan / stere, freestanding portable barrier temporary wooden picket fence panels go up 200, 300 yuan / stere left and right sides.

    Price of white stopper of red rubber goes steady. Red oak, white bolt still is the shipment brunt of North America material, the stock keep long in stock that does not cross red oak of composite wood products under floor heating home market of be enslaved to be enslaved to, white bolt is too big, the price that the material such as red oak, white bolt plants rises hard, maintain basically smooth. Guangdong market red oak is at present long 2.15, 3.05m, thick 2

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