such as the aesthetics floor
  • there are many stories to tell, this can be from the performance, appearance, consumer appeal and other perspectives to position, such as performance, the future may Smart floors emerge that monitor the health of people and even adjust themselves to changes in temperature, humidity and air. There are some floors, will be stampede

    comfort level to make a fuss about, such as cork flooring now basically emphasizes the comfort and warmth and noise and other selling point, but the price is still relatively expensive, the future may enter the mass consumer circle, but also the product itself changes . There are some types of flooring, you can think of ways to subdivide the

    appearance, such as the aesthetics floor, now has a scholarly door to this business in the main push. Then there is the kind of literary, small fresh, stylish, classical, court, pastoral, etc., can also be located in these directions. Consumer appeal is also more diversified, you can consider the age, consumer scenarios, consumer levels and other

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