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  • new image of the floor as the lifeline of the west,what is the thermal expansion of plywood but will not have the slightest slack in Sichuan, the largest domestic flooring market. From this we can judge that in the final place of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, with the formation of the future 'Three Elections', the Sichuan wood flooring market will not be calm. 'Leading' advantages have been weakened Review of the industry nearly three years of development history,[url=]can i use eco wood for my bench seat[/url] the 2003 antibacterial wind, the 2004 Photocatalyst interpretation, 2005 EO hot ... ... This brilliant 'triple jump' for the entire industry have had a good life, With this impressive collection of functional innovations, laminate flooring has

    given consumers a heart-felt love. However,recyclable materials decks costa rica as the 3.15 CCTV 'Eurodolit' incident in 2006 came to light, it was as if all of a sudden 10 years of good experience in the wood flooring industry was realized. This watershed means that commercial fraud in fake propaganda and packaging has severely hit the public Consumer confidence in the wood floor, which quickly led to the entire industry in the near future formed a theme-free 'vacuum time.'[url=]bamboo flooring for porch ceiling[/url] In the face of public questioning, public opinion supervision is still constantly throwing 'fake foreign devils', but even more surprising is that with the 'European Code' is actually among the industry's brand is the same

    room to swindle, competitors vilify each other And implicitly outdoor technoligies railing what exactly is the wood floor used to do? Anything as long as it is deified, it will deviate from its original meaning. Because there is no universal market, there is no universal product. It should be acknowledged that there are so few leaders in every industry, and if flocks are at a loss, the fate of the flock can be imagined.[url=]wood plastic lumber prices decking[/url] Reporter Cao Jian With the domestic real estate sales into a new round of adjustment period, the floor industry seems inevitable tremendous impact, which is bound to accelerate the speed of the floor industry shuffling, industry-level competition in the product level began to

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