makes market activity
  • 2017, because be in,the European Union makes market activity and lumber industry hopeful obtains higher increase rate. Future, " Vietnam - agreement of European Union free trade " composite above ground rectangle pool deck with slide after become effective, the handicraft that Vietnam exports to the European Union is tasted and interior decoration

    is tasted will enjoy treatment of privilege of exterior wooden fence malaysia 0 custom duty. This tax rate applies to wood and lumber product. Afore-mentioned acceptance will improve the trade activity of Vietnam and European Union energetically. Be engaged in lumber and traditional handicraft tasting an enterprise to should master information actively, the canal dominates origin of good raw material and manufacturing treatment how to convert chain link to wood fence activity, aim to be able to

    use the dominant position that each acceptance in cooperative relation brings.
    Vietnam agriculture and He Gongjun of big lots deck tiles undersecretary of rural development department say, before this year a few months, forestry estate basically has finished its job, each index stabilizes growth. Forestry production value is added fast for 6.6% . Forest products exports the

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