Microtransaction shouldn't exist in video games
  • The microtransaction controversy in Star Wars Battlefront 2 has indeed stirred up the gaming community. Where should this practice be?

    Since its introduction, microtransaction has become a hot topic that develops among developers and the gaming community. The climax is the controversy of Star Wars Battlefront 2.

    Some think it's just a natural step as the game developer process to make money. Others see it as a "nuisance" of the growth of the gaming industry itself.

    As we know some game developers still persist in maintaining the practice of the microtransaction. While there are also game developers who are "not greedy" like CD Projekt Red known as The Witcher franchise.

    I think it's important to know where microtranscation is considering this is a common practice. And if we do not define their role appropriately in the industry, then most likely this practice will spread to places that are not supposed to.

    So, where should this microtransaction practice be?

    Well, maybe the right question is, is microtransaction a garbage system? Aloud we will answer "Yes!". But the fact is we are already trapped in this system.
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    So this is not a practice that will be completely lost or can be wiped out. And not a few are also players who do support this microtransaction practice and did not hesitate to waste their money to satisfy their hobby.

    Boycotting every game with paid content in it is also not an easy thing to do, because at the moment who can do it is only a state government and it is their full sovereignty.

    Some people also have an argument that game developers need a microtransaction system as a way to really benefit from their games. But the problem is there is not enough evidence that it is indeed like that.

    There are many games that can be played with fine without microtranscation intervention. Maybe the one that crossed your mind is the same as me, that is The Witcher 3 along with many other smaller game titles like inFamous, Cuphead, Horizon Zero Dawn, and many more.

    So, if we are already already stuck with this microtransaction practice, what is acceptable and what is not?

    My opinion is, a game should not be modified to encourage players to purchase paid content.

    Pay to Win is a waste concept that should be thrown away. Loot Box is also something that should also not exist in order to keep the concept of good grinding game.

    Games created for the purpose of entertaining players and progress is one of the elements that can create it. If the progress is ultimately achieved instantaneously through money, then the challenge and pleasure will also disappear quickly.

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