floor opened the head
  • second generation' convergence, the future promising future cooperation between brands; service system, will become Jiu Sheng brand weapon of change. Action 1: Inheritance and Future 'Disposition' second generation of home April 19, 2017, Zhejiang Nanxun, in the eyes of thousands of guests, Jiu-sheng floor founder Zhang En Jiu

    will symbolize the 'heritage and the future' of Sedum Crystal Cross In the hands of his son Zhang Kai, announced the new chairman of the board was born Jiu Sheng, Jiu Sheng floor opened the head of Marshal Kai 'Kai year', Zhang En Jiu is relegated to second-line, as Jiu Sheng Holdings Group Chairman of the Board. Comments:

    'Displacement' is not a tyranny, but consumer tend to be younger, which requires the development of enterprises need to rejuvenate, professional, fragmented development, will make the enterprise more competitive and aggressive. Action 2: Attend the Wood-Bamboo Alliance Conference to Upgrade Innovative Strategies for Industry April

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