Command Center Furniture Is Worth it
  • What should be the focus when shopping for command consoles? Knowing how to shop for such unique products might be unclear for novice consumers. Often there is a lack of information on the Internet about niche markets such as these (as a quick search will show). Furthermore, a majority of Internet pages related to niche products are far from objective. Let's take a look at one way to handle this. 

    There are numerous ways one could proceed, but I feel the best strategy is to locate where the product resides within its market. Taking this further; every item can be classified by niche, sub-niche, and micro-niche. The niche is the general category into which the product falls (in this case: furniture). The next level down is the sub-niche (in this instance: office furniture). The most precise category is micro-niche (in this instance: command center furniture). 

    Upon mapping the item's locus within its niche, sub-niche and micro-niche, you can begin gather data from the top level down. Having defined the niche as "furniture", one would then perform a web search and make general notes on what is found. At this point, we would search in broad terms (couch, recliner, table, etc.). The point of this being, that broadly defined searches return much more information. My wife gets on my case for being to thorough in these matters, but I've saved a lot of money over the years by rolling up my sleeves and doing some research.

    Once you've dug around at the niche level, slide down to sub-niche. The sub-niche ought to be similar to the niche, however there could be key differences in terminology that should be noted before moving down one more level. You can then repeat this narrowing of scope down to the micro-niche level. There will probably be little to look at at this stage. Compare it with the other levels of specificity and see what sticks. By the time you are prepared to start talking to producers within the industry, you should have a firm grasp on the terminology and possibly some idea of fair price points. And producers respond better to consumers who can talk the talk. 

    The field of producers is probably just a few by the time you get to the micro-niche level. There are only 2 or 3 console furniture companies worth contemplating, so the choice should be an easy one after the research that was gathered. Micro-niche companies can seem like carbon copies in terms of products offered. Because of this, I often find myself judging based on a company's Internet presence. That could sound cheap to some, but a producer who cares about good web design cares about good customer relations. That's been my experience 100% of the time. Hopefully this concept is clear, it takes a lot of the frustration out of being in the market for micro-niche products. This concept can be generalized to any type of consumer good or service, so keep an open mind.

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