floor exports to give
  • deputy director of the export department of the Bureau of Trade Remedy of the Ministry of Commerce, said that while the U.S. market needs Chinese products but does not want Chinese products to impact the U.S. market, it is crucial to seek a trade balance. At the same time, the U.S. market has a very strong demonstration effect. If

    China's flooring companies to abandon the United States market, the rest of the world's export markets will be affected. China's floor exports to give up the United States market is easy, so the entire flooring industry exports blocked, but obviously irrational, and outweigh the benefits. The reason why the 'double reverse' lawsuit between the

    United States and the United States is hard to win is both due to the fact that the United States has a good understanding of the situation in China, as well as the dissatisfaction among Chinese enterprises and the different interest demands. More importantly, the United States itself is the maker of the game rules , While China has

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