flooring companies face common problems
  • sale' on the laminate flooring to make the use of formaldehyde in the manufacture of laminate flooring, which is indeed unavoidable. In the minds of domestic consumers, laminate flooring has been the cheapest floor,latitudes composite decking problems the most rugged products, large brands of laminate flooring in recent years will be their first publicity on environmental protection, and formaldehyde content is getting lower and lower the brand innovation Goal, at the same time,[url=http://floorsquare.in/pvc-deck/4539-pressure-treated-landscape-timbers.html]pressure treated landscape timbers[/url] the national standard of formaldehyde in the laminate flooring release requirements are gradually increased. So, what's wrong with the reinforced flooring in South Korea? Why is it banned? There are two answers to

    the questions that Mr. Tian who frequently visits to Japan and South Korea inspects: First, because the reinforced flooring is made of fiber- In order to ensure the floor hardness and wear resistance,anti slip for wooden walkways must use strong glue, this glue contains a lot of harmful to the human body of formaldehyde; Second, because South Korea warm prevalence, while strengthening the floor for a long time exposure to high temperatures, the internal formaldehyde emission Will increase and last longer,[url=http://wooddeck-kit.com/pvc-deck/28.html]pvc tongue and groove decking[/url] even up to 15-20 years. 'Forbidden' approach is too absolute to strengthen the floor is not so terrible side is a one-size-tawning ban on the one hand, to reduce the unremitting efforts

    of formaldehyde in the end people how to evaluate laminate flooring? According to Mr. Tian's statement, this newspaper to a number of flooring industry Internal experts seek answers.pioneer sand railing road tie price Some people said that not only South Korea banned the implementation of the laminate floor, many European countries are also strictly controlling the floor quality and sales intensity; but some also said that the quality of the European standards of environmentally friendly laminate flooring is fundamentally safe and will not be on the human body What hurt, no sales ban, have not heard of.[url=http://floormatscheap.com/diy-deck/609.html]barricade wall panel for basement[/url] A veteran engaged in the flooring industry for many years in the face of these

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