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  • began the change of cultural shaping, he believes that the fundamental interests of dealers and decorative building materials business is consistent, that is, how to decorative building materials market Good, good consumer service, the brand concept better pass down, the dealer culture shaping from 'mandatory' into a 'spontaneous', 'only the

    culture is solved, all the systems will be effective' . On April 7, 2016, Del signed the strategic cooperation agreement of China's national fencing team and the non-formaldehyde strategic conference for the 2016 Olympic Games in the 'No-aldehyde + Future Home' solemnly held in the Olympic Sports Center in the capital Beijing. At

    the conference, Yao Hongpeng not only shared the core concept of Del's 'aldehyde-free future home' and the indissoluble bond with the Olympic culture and sportsmanship, but also shared the development theme of Del brand in 2016. Yao Hongpeng said that in terms of a listed company, Del's strategic position now is very

    " attach stockade fence to chain link , wood composite decking colors , alternatives to wood posts on wood fencing , easy way to resurface walls "

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