Brief analysis of the ore milling equipment mechanism
  • The ore milling equipment has been the key equipment for materials grinding since its birth in 1883. As is known to all, the energy efficiency of ore milling equipment has always been unsatisfactory. To remedy the imperfects of high energy consumption and low efficiency and lower the cost, SBM ST workers make local improvement and adopt auxiliary measures before and after the grinding. The innovated technology, process and upgraded equipment can increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption.
    To reduce the ore milling equipment energy consumption and improve productivity, the correlative working theories should be thoroughly understood and the reason why the energy efficiency is low should be dissected from various aspects, such as the crushing theory, the working principle and the design structure. The ore milling equipment is ground with the squeezing and pressing produced by the grinding media. Brittle materials are the main grinding target. The compressive strength of the brittle materials is a few times or more than ten times higher than the common materials. Consequently, much more energy has to be consumed utilizing the pressure alone than employing outer force.
    The grinding theory is based on the 'materials crushing theory', which advocates bearing external force in the form of materials group and materials layer. That's to say, the grinding is done with the force( mechanical force turned from the electrical force) produced by the crushing. Buffering, recession, sliding and friction are all unavoidable in the production process, which will greatly weaken the impact effect and reduce the grinding efficiency.

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