aspects of floor production
  • that our Chinese enterprises will gradually realize the fundamental of these problems and will do well at this point so as to completely bypass These international trade barriers.building a curved seat wall Chinese flooring product development trend will be how? In the long run, solid wood flooring obvious advantages. Because his surface consumes less expensive wood, the selection of a wide range of substrates, plywood, medium and high density board can be applied.[url=]covering ugly deck floor[/url] These materials mainly consume plantations, while plantations are vast in China, which is a big advantage for China. Now some Chinese companies to develop some composite materials to replace the wood

    substrate, which is a good direction, but also a good way out. For solid wood flooring, some timber legally producing areas of transport costs gradually increased,wallpaper looks like cladding the height of the floor design is also rising, so the future of solid wood flooring market outlook is not optimistic, it is difficult to compete with the international market. According to the experience and understanding of the flooring industry in Europe and the United States, the entire artificial cost only 10% on the floor, so that although China has the advantage of low labor costs,[url=]glue down deck board[/url] but then low can only make an issue in the 10%, to improve the Chinese floor Competitiveness, but also in other places to

    make a fuss. What is the potential crisis in the supply of raw materials for Chinese flooring? Almost all of the forests in the tropics are currently being watched by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), outdoor picnic table replacement boardsand the forests in South America, Asia and Africa where Brazil and Brazil are also scarcely cut. Only Europe and North America will really be able to secure supplies of wood in the future. These two regions were the first to realize the sustainable management of forests and have a very scientific tracking system and global positioning system for resource management.[url=]waterproof aluminum decking price comparison[/url] Wood in these two regions is safer and is a more suitable partner for Chinese flooring companies.

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