floor enterprises want to ensure
  • materials to form a benign cycle. The floor industry has been developing in China for many years. Now, under the influence of a series of internal and external factors, the development of the whole industry has been somewhat depressed. In this case, some floor enterprises want to ensure their profit margins in the production cost, so this

    makes the practice of copycat copying in the market especially serious. In the case of floor enterprise, blindly imitates plagiarism is can seriously hinder oneself development. In the current floor market, with the development of the floor industry, the competition between enterprises and enterprises has also begun to upgrade. In

    recent years, the number of enterprises pouring into the floor market is increasing, which makes the floor market order relatively chaotic, and the prevalence of plagiarism has seriously hindered the development of the industry. For the enterprise itself, want to establish a foothold in the market, still need to strengthen its own product originality

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