company of wood flooring
  • room higher, so the new house to the Miss installed warm, 'I was in the North Bin Road home to buy giraffe wood floor, the other was told me, warm floor May be because of the relationship between thermal expansion and contraction, making the wooden floor cracks. 'To Miss said that the other side also promised to be repaired, so

    after the year, she went to the new home to see if the wood floor slit,' I saw the living room , The bedroom has different degrees of open joints, they hurriedly call the company, they also promised to arrange as soon as possible to repair. 'Contact good wooden floor company did not take long to go to Miss to travel abroad, only two

    days after returning from abroad , She received a phone call, the other asked is not to repair the wooden floor. 'I thought it was a company of wood flooring company.' To the Miss immediately agreed with each other about the time, the other said after the wooden floor repair will be done by the way to do the wooden floor maintenance, only

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