leading flooring industry
  • speculation flooring business, and now the management began to be inadequate, brand and core competitiveness of enterprises become the floor brand Business center of gravity. The Ruicheng floor as a dominant brand and core competitiveness of the leading flooring industry, gradually became widely known in China. Rui floor flooring

    enterprises in the unique brand to capture potential business opportunities strong brand awareness, not blindly follow the crowd, eclectic innovation brand awareness. The current vicious price war, promotion war was white-hot trend, many floor companies lack the brand awareness and brand awareness of innovation. And Ruicheng will be

    able to seize this unique, the entire company struggling to promote brand innovation, brand awareness of every one of the hearts of people Ruicheng show every floor Ruicheng. First-class products and services Quality flooring brand is inseparable from the most basic quality products and services, China good floor back to nature,

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