Chinese flooring industry
  • The flooring industry is a characteristic of Huzhou and also a dominant industry in Huzhou. There are 'China's wood flooring capital', 'China home manufacturing base' and 'China's wooden doors' Other reputation. The meeting for the Chinese flooring industry to build an important bridge to the world, helping the Chinese flooring to the world.

    At 18:00 on February 25, 2016, 'Shangchen Floor - Breakthrough 2016 National Operator Summit' officially opened in Friendship International Hotel, an old town of Jiangcheng, in Wuhan. As the opening ceremony of the boarding floor brand in 2016, this summit brought many surprises to the participants. Firstly, Mr. GU Guohua, the

    chairman of the board of Shangchen floor, came to deliver a welcome speech and extended his most sincere welcome and warmest thanks to the operators and businessmen from afar. He also explained in detail the summit of the operator and hoped the present minister Family people from the dealer to the operator changes in

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